Worked on 46 eGuides for Prima Games. Some were a team effort with other digital designers where I lead the design of the guide and others I designed and completed on my own. These guides have everything, multi-tiered table of contents, videos, sortable tables, even interactive maps!

Some titles include Batman: Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, Call of Duty: Infinite, Just Cause 3, Madden NFL, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt eGuide.

Interactive Table of Contents Menu

Table of Contents that orginizes the eGuide into easily accessible sections.

Responsive Design

You can view all of our eGuide on any device. The site changes dynamically depending on if you are viewing it on a monitor, iPad, or smart phone.

Converted from the Guide

Converted from the Strategy Guide. All these eGuides were built from the InDesign files that were used to create the guide. The conversion is not as easy as hitting a convert button and making sure the settings are correct. InDesign doesn’t have an easy to use HTML converter so there is hours of work to prepare the files for export and after that we created a long string of Grep commands to make each guide import into the site properly.

Interactive Maps

Many of the eGuides I built had interactive interactive maps as well. They include map icon selectors that can be turned off and on, pop-up info windows for map items, and links to relevant sections of the guides for each icon. The maps are also scalable so you can zoom in our out.

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