Wawasee Navy SEAL Foundation

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I designed this website for and organization dedicated to serving the elite Navy SEALs and their families.  For four years the Wawasee Navy SEAL Foundation put on a parachute jump show over the Wawasee lake in Syracuse Indiana and would collect donations on land and by boat from the spectators who cam to watch. Each year more and more people showed up, the donated increased and the shows became more elaborate. It went from a few jumps the first year to the jumps,  golf outings, WWII plane flyovers, and a hostage rescue on a boat demonstration. The site is no longer live but the Posters I designed for the three years I was a part of this are below.  I donated my time and in return the Leap Frogs let me jump tandem with them…twice! It was an amazing experience and loads of fun. I wish this site was still live but they stopped doing this two years ago.


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