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Graphic design lead with over 15 years creating digital content including websites, banner ads, graphic overlays for on-air and live stream use, and producing videos. Able to conceptualize a consistent branded look and feel for ecommerce and marketing collateral and created style guide references. Adept at optimizing online engagement with SEO, download speed increases, and easy mobile interfaces.


Keeping on top of the latest tools for design.

No matter the job I stay on top of the latest and greatest solutions to get your project done in the best way possible.


Complementary Record

Proven ability to work independently, as well as part of a team. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Passionate about engaging consumers with clearly presented products and services.

  • Sam Lewis
    Colin was very receptive to feedback when helping to create a brand new website from scratch. He is someone who will keep pushing until your vision has completely come to life, and he will do so with a very positive attitude.
    Sam Lewis
    Biosynthetic Technologies
  • Jessica Coplen
    Colin has been a tremendous help to my team as we have wrapped up a brand refresh project and needed to create new design templates. Not only was Colin super fun to work with and always brought fresh, creative ideas to the table, he completed projects well ahead of deadline. I through some crazy ideas and asks his way, and he never batted an eye to make them happen for us! I would recommend Colin for various roles as he is talented in both graphic and web design.
    Jessica Coplen
    Huseman Group
  • Robert Ouellette
    Colin quickly adapted to fill the vacant role of Senior Designer helping us maintain our level of creativity while meeting all our deadlines. He is a great asset to any Marketing Department. Creative, fast, friendly and dedicated to his work and what he brings to the table every day. Can be counted on to handle all projects he was assigned.
  •  Peter Bukaty
    Colin did a great job of creating new websites for Royal Purple and Bel-Ray from scratch to replace outdated sites. He was great to work with and maintained a great attitude while creating the sites under tight deadlines.
    Peter Bukaty
    Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.
  • Alan Peterson
    I have been constantly impressed by both Colin's attitude towards his work and his performance on the job. He designed over eight websites for Calumet and our branded lines that exceeded our expectations on look and feel not to mention drove more visitors to our websites. I will highly recommend Colin for any website work in the future.
    Alan Peterson
    Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.
  • Mike Degler
    Colin excelled at his role in video production and eguide development at BradyGames/Prima Games. He is very creative and well-versed in both print and digital design. The quality of Colin's work, organization and attention to detail (working under very tight deadlines) are excellent. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a web designer.
    Mike Degler
    BradyGames/Prima Games
  • Debby Neubauer
    By choosing Cking Graphics we got a wonderful, professional web developer with innovative ideas, awesome customer service, and exactly what we were looking for. They took the ideas that we had and implemented them perfectly on our website. In addition, they were able to help us with some print collateral design projects as well. Great quality work with a quick turnaround time! I highly recommend them for any design work.
    Debby Neubauer
    Biosynthetic Technologies
  • Bruce Stickle
    We really enjoyed working with Colin. He was able to grasp the vision for our site and our first video with ease. He took our ideas and made them blossom into a great product. We will definitely work with him again.
    Bruce Stickle
    GluvIts LLC