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November 20, 2018
Royal Purple
March 7, 2019

Total Performance Lubricants

For over 70 years, Bel-Ray® products have proven their value, setting the highest standards of quality and performance. A leader in lubrication technology, our company has engineered products to protect, while delivering superior business value for applications in aerospace, automotive, energy, food, marine, military, mining, motorcycle, OEM, powersports, steel, textile and other industries served by our Powersports, Industrial and Mining Divisions.

Since 1946, Bel-Ray has been the hardest working lubricant in the business. Using Bel-Ray to lubricate your machinery gives your entire business a boost. We help reduce costs and increase production across a wide range of industries.

Bel-Ray's new homepage

„Flex Your Engine”

Bel-Ray needed a complete website rebuild.

Like many of our website projects clients come to us after years of neglect with there website. Bel-Ray was a standard example of this. They always had pretty good traffic on the site but it had fallen to so much disrepair the old site was unsalvageable. We switched out the host, server, and CMS so everything runs faster with no down time and the security is top notch.


Setting up APIs for the Dealer Map

The Dealer Locator or Dealer Map, is a tool to help you find a Bel-Ray dealership near you. The one on the old site did not work properly for many reasons, the biggest being because the API was not set up correctly. I rebuilt and restyled the Dealer Map so it looked cleaner and worked properly. Also I added some functionality that didn't exist before like the full screen mode, directions that opens how to get there in google or waze, and links to the dealers website when it was provided.


We also teamed up with Olyslager to set up the lubricant advisor. We could have built it on the site but keeping up with all the vehicles that come out every year is a full time job for more than one pearson.


In Jims Garage Videos

We filmed all the In Jim's Garage videos and did all the post production on the project. This video has been viewed over 50k times.