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November 2, 2020
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October 25, 2022

Big Lots, Inc. is a community retailer

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Big Lots, Inc. is a community retailer operating more than 1,400 Big Lots stores in 47 states, dedicated to friendly service, trustworthy value, and affordable solutions in every season and category – furniture, food, décor, and more.

From their closeout store roots to the entrance into discount retailing, Big Lots core purpose of helping people save money on all kinds of products has stayed the same. Today they offer an extensive assortment of brand-name items and quality products, including food, furniture, seasonal items, electronics and accessories, home décor, toys, and gifts. Big Lots customers may be on a tight budget, or they may just enjoy our treasure-hunt atmosphere. Either way, they love the surprise and delight they find in every aisle.

„Live Big. Save Lots.”

Senior Graphic Designer

I worked directly with the print team and printer to make in-store signage, coupons and other promotional items, internal documents for HQ, and digital billboards, from concept to release. Juggled multiple projects at a time and maintained all scheduling timelines.

In-store signage for Big Lots

In-store signage design change for the holiday sales

Created In Store Signage

The largest part of the contract was making the in-store signs that were placed all over the store. The signs were for endcaps, aisles, furniture, and at the registers. I also rebuilt the templates used for the signs to speed up the process by taking advantage of Adobe InDesign’s Paragraph and Character styles. There were price changes every week due to different sales that were going on at the time. We worked about two to three weeks ahead so the printshop could have them done in time to go on the trucks and be sent out to the stores with the merchandise.

Big Buy Alert Sign

Grand Openings and Coupons

Promoted New store openings with materials like Grand Opening coupons, scratch offs, flyers, and yard signs. I even put together three digital billboard ads to direct highway travelers to Big Lot stores near upcoming exits.

Created coupons for upcoming sales to be put in circulars and newspapers.

Sign Template Design

For 2022 Big Lots wanted to update their in-store signs so I built the templates for those following the new styles designs that the creative director came up with. After setting up the styles I added a guide to the templates so that any designer could pick it up and put a sign together even if they had not built one before.

Sign Template Info Sheet

Sign Building Directions

Internal Design Projects

Internal Print

I did do a few internal projects for Big Lots Corporate like the 2022 Benefits Package Pamphlet. There were two versions one for Full-time and another for Part-time employees.

Intranet art

Having experience with web design Big Lots Corporate assigned me to design some of their headers for the intranet. Below are just a few examples.