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January 10, 2022
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November 7, 2023

Studio Science a design and innovation agency.

 They design brands, products, and services by understanding what customers need. Founded in 1998, Studio Science exists to help smart businesses deliver experiences that work better.

By focusing on customer experiences, they create new business value. They discover more profitable opportunities, design more desirable products, and convert more loyal customers.

„Studio Science exists to help deliver better experiences. Every day, for every customer.”

Presentation/Graphic Designer

Created all types of signage for the 2022 Alteryx trade show in Amsterdam. More than 170 different environmental and wayfinding signs ranging from exterior billboards, flags, booth art, directory's, meter boards, posters, even the signs for the restrooms. The sign design we used was picked up from the style sheets, their website, and an earlier Alteryx show in Denver. 

RAI Amsterdam was the venue for the Alteryx show where the signs were displayed.

The flags are the first signage you see when entering the venue by metro.

Floor plans from RAI

Adobe Illustrator reproduction of floor plan following Alteryx's style sheet.

Following style guides

Alteryx wanted to make sure their primary and secondary colors were being used so we followed the style guide and used their PMCS colors throughout.