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October 25, 2022
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December 30, 2023

Huseman Group provides a wide range of construction services.

Established by Richard J. Huseman, we began as a professional commercial construction company founded in the throes of the Great Depression. This tenacity and grit allowed Huseman to grow the company, building upon a reputation for outstanding workmanship and integrity in the decades that followed.

Today, the Huseman Group includes HGC Construction, SSRG (Structural Systems Repair Group), Stanton Millworks, Stewart Iron Works, Trade31, and Boldcastle. The companies provide a wide range of services including general contracting and construction management, structural repair, custom millwork, architectural metal work, superior quality general trades, and collaborative development.

„Your trusted partner to solve any problem in the built environment.”

What they were looking for.

The Huseman Group needed a graphic designer with experience creating templated content libraries and I fit the bill. They are in the construction and real estate industry who just rebranded and is looking for a graphic designer to design a new library of templated assets for their team with their new brand elements.

The graphic designer will be responsible for:
- Utilizing their new brand elements to create a new Adobe Creative Cloud template library
- Creating templates for proposals, PowerPoint decks, marketing materials, and advertisements

The graphic designer must have:
- Experience creating branded templates for presentations, PowerPoints, proposals, brochures, marketing materials, etc.
- Experience with corporate clients
- Experience creating print and digital assets

Introducing the New Era

I stepped into Huseman's rebranding process already in progress, tasked with refining and implementing the designs set up by the original designer. The comprehensive style sheets and branding guides provided made my task straightforward, allowing me to create variations within the brand's guidelines. The image above showcases the old style, while the image below presents the new style from the guide.

Libraries and Templates Anyone Can Use

My inaugural project with the Huseman Group involved transforming the new branding into universally accessible Adobe and Microsoft Office libraries. I commenced by reviewing their new style sheet, branding guide, and current proposal document, and proceeded to draft a mock-up of their updated proposal. A few rounds of feedback and revisions via Adobe Share later, we achieved the desired look. I then collated all the design elements, fonts, and color schemes into a shared CC Library.

 PowerPoint Template Overhaul

Next, I replicated this process for their PowerPoint template, tailoring it to the distinct identities of the separate companies constituting the Huseman Group.



The Builders Book: A Marketing Masterpiece

The Builders Book was more than just a marketing piece—it was a narrative for potential employees, showcasing the firm's vibrant internal culture and commitment to community outreach. Working alongside the Branding Manager, we injected a playful tone into the text, interweaving company information with heartwarming glimpses of employees and their families. I decided to share the insights I'd gained about the company during my contract period—the Huseman Group wasn't just a cluster of companies; it was a close-knit family.


Following the rebrand I used the new style for Huseman Groups letterheads for each individual company. They all follow the same visual stylings but have the different colors and elements in the pattern that relates to the company they represent. In the bar under the pattern and logo is where we decided to put the contact information in white text. I set these up as individual Word documents complete with the companies styles and theme colors.

Vinal Vehicle Wrap

New Style on the Box Truck

I used to be a designer for a vehicle wrap company and also would apply those wraps sometimes so, when the Huseman Group asked if I could come up with a new design for their brand new box truck I could defiantly do it. Once they get it wrapped and send me the images I will add them here but until them here are a few images of the old truck and my Adobe Illustrator designs and how they will be placed on the vehicle.