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November 7, 2023
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February 25, 2024

Arts for Learning the Indiana Affiliate of Young Audiences 


Arts for Learning is the premier provider of arts education programs for youth in Indiana. Each year, we partner with schools and community organizations throughout the state to engage approximately 40,000 youth in the arts. With our roster of teaching artists, we offer creative learning experiences to empower youth and transform education.

Since its founding in 1961, Arts for Learning has partnered with IPS to provide arts experiences that improve academic performance, teach creative problem-solving, develop social and emotional skills, and enhance student self-esteem.

„Arts for Learning is the premier provider of arts education programs for youth in Indiana. ”

How I helped AFLI update their website

Arts for Learning needed a little help cleaning up some issues on their website:

  • Website corrections and fixes for some broken images, updated copy, and light redesigning of the website.
  • Fixed some mobile issues
  • Updated Site Health
  • Improved SEO on website
  • Fixed connection between Soapbox and WordPress
  • Repaired the recently uploaded images that were converted in a way that stretched them vertically. 

Fixed, added, and removed board of directors and team members page to reflect the latest members.

Added placeholder images and resized all images in Soapbox to have a more constant grid on the Program Directory page.

Art Costume background creation

AFLI has a something they do every  Halloween. This year they dressed like art they enjoy and they wanted me to put the image of them on a background that more resembled the art they are dressing as.