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All about delivering fun!

Our hosts Cokie and Chuck help deliver the fun while children learn faster and more complete with original and unique stories, songs, characters and skits. These keep children engaged and enthralled through hearing, seeing, singing, moving, feeling and doing.

„Learn and Play the Express Kidz Way!”

Express Kidz and Cking Creative Design have had a working relationship for many years. We have been working on their media and design since the beginning when they were called The Gluvits.

They wanted their new website to reflect their new look and we delivered a slick site that links directly to their YouTube page, where they wanted to direct visitors to. Once Express Kidz have products to sell we already have them set up to drive visitors back to their website store.


ExpressKidz Logo Design

ExpressKidz also needed logo that captures their new company. One of playfulness and movement. We came up with many designs before settling on the delivery van with the company text on the side. Besides the color logo we also developed versions for different layouts and print materials, like a stacked logo and a black and white version.

A few of the initial logo designs.

ExpressKidz final logo layout

Character and environment design and illustration.

We were designing characters and environments for an animated series in the world of Knowtime. Sadly it did not see the light of day but I did enjoy the process of creating a Dr Seuss style world from The Gluvits script for the pilot.  I would start with pencil and import into computer to the the pen and inking and coloring.

The original character artwork from the Gluvits I worked from to create my character designs.

Safety character Armond from the town of KnowTime. We thought it would be fun if he was a soldier that would rattle off safety information like a kind drill sergeant--teaching in a military style but not yelling.  Also, put a gold fringed epaulette on his "shoulder."


3D model character and environment builds for animated cartoon

Gluv-Its were working with the Indianapolis PBS station to add to their weekday morning kids interstitials currently running with some computer animated cartoons. The modeling process was as far as we got before funding was pulled due to changes at PBS but I am proud of my character and environment models. I was especially proud of my rigging with the Gluv-Its models due to the complexity of building an entire character that had to move as a hand and an entire character.

One of the The Gluv-Its Knuckles or Digit and The KnowTime Depot.

The KnowTime lighthouse Beacon.

The KnowTime theater Reel Time

The KnowTime school house where Ruler teaches the kids.

The sharing dinosaur named Pocadine.

The KnowTime clocktower Clockwise was designed to look like a glass version of Big Ben.

Working with the Gluvits we created their DVD from beginning to end.

I photographed and made all the package art, created all the illustrations, filmed, animated, and put together all the post-production for the 35 minute DVD video "Meet the Gluvits".