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April 22, 2020
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Delivering Innovations for A Sustainable Future,

Biosynthetic® Technologies manufactures a revolutionary new class of biobased synthetic compounds called estolides that are made from organic fatty acids found in various bio-derived oils. These highly functional biosynthetic oils have numerous uses in lubricant, automotive, marine, and personal care applications. They can be used as the primary base oil of a lubricant formulation, a component of a base oil co-blend, or even as an additive. These high-performance sustainable bases oils are suitable for a variety of applications, such as: Industrial, Personal Care, Automotive, Marine, and Food & Beverage.

In addition, because Biosynthetic sustainable base oils are compatible with common lubricant base oils and additives, they serve as an easy drop-in for most existing formulations available in the market.

Biosynthetic's old homepage I designed


Second Callback to Design Biosynthetic's Website.


The old website had good bones but was not setup properly for different devices. Some of the elements didn't look very good on smaller devices and did not work the way the client wanted. I switched some of the slider elements and art out with better designed elements that had improved SEO and would position themselves differently depending on the device used. Some of the information that Biosynthetic wanted to spotlight was getting lost in the webpage so I pulled those pieces of information into a more stylized feature element on the home page.


Biosynthetic Technologies has a new marketing department that wanted to take the website in a new direction that closer vibes with their new marketing style. This time it was to be a complete overhaul.

Better Working Forms

More than anything this website is designed for potential customers to receive samples to find out if it BT oils can be used in their own products. Customers can do that by filling out the sample form. I made it a slick looking popup that uses conditional logic to show different forms depending on your initial selection.  This need a sample form link is also on every page of the website to keep this option in front of visitors.

Using Google DataStudio to improve Biosynthetic's SEO

Not everyone uses Google as a search engine but it is the largest out there with over 87% of the global search market according to Statista. So using Google Analytics is a great place to pull marketing information to improve SEO and gather important visitor information like trends, traffic information, demographics, behavior, and search terms.

There are a lot of different places to gather this information but by setting up DataStudio properly we were able to give Biosynthetic's Marketing team the ability to see all the data they wanted to see in an easy to share and use report. besides being easy to read it is completely interactive allowing you to view the data for data ranges, and user and device types. This is all customizable allowing for different setups depending on what is important to Biosynthetic's team.

Printed Works for Biosynthetic

Due to the nature of their business, Biosynthetics marketing team has a larger need for an online presence than for physical materials. I build all of their printed material with digital versions as well. A small PDF that loads quick on their website, a larger one that is not to big to email and yet looks better when printed out, and the ready for print pdf.

I also set up all of the digital PDFs to be ADA compliant.