Penreco portfolio
December 28, 2019
girl in beach chair on beach
Biosynthetic Technologies
June 16, 2020

Image Gallery

For a job or just for myself I do enjoy photography and trying to capture the beauty I see in a still image. A lot of that has to do with composition and lighting both of which can be difficult to accomplish. I have small studio and sufficient lighting to get the job done.


Product Shots

My studio is set up to take video and photos of anything or anyone one people sized and smaller. Most of my recent pictures are for my food blog but I also have some Royal Purple and Express-Kidz images I took for their websites and online stores.

Wander Indiana

I got it in my head that it would be fun to travel around Indiana taking pictures of anything that caught my eye. The name is inspired by the old Wander Indiana promotional campaign from the 80s. So for me pulling off on the side of the road and almost getting clipped by irate drivers is a common experience but every now and then out of hundreds of mediocre photos you will get one that makes the whole thing worthwhile.


Hawaii 5-10

Visiting Oahu and the Big Island I took all these with a Cannon ELPH. Not the best for large digital pictures but it is compact for travel and had a nice macro option that worked pretty well.