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December 18, 2019
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April 22, 2020

Penreco offers a unique line of Gelled Hydrocarbons, Petrolatums, Waxes, and White Mineral Oils which are used in various industrial and consumer applications.

An expansive and impressive history. For more than 100 years, Penreco has specialized in niche product blending to meet customer specific requirements. From inception to completion, we ensure quality and character designed for today’s standards.

Penreco's new home page

„A Better Way to Formulate”

Penreco's website is another branded line from Calumet Specialties that did not have any care for a while so it was definitely time for an update. I changed it to wordpress and built a theme that would give Penreco all the options available at the time with the latest version of wordpress. The layout of the site was a bit confusing so I made it easier to navigate and mobile friendly.


Penreco needed a way to track website contacts and forms so I built that ability in.

Penreco relies heavily on getting sales leads from their website so we built into the site a tracking tool that collects information and sends it to the correct employees when people fill out forms to get samples and information. The forms also were built with conditional logic so one form can be used but sent to different emails depending on what the pearson fills out and is looking for. For example the form sends an email to the Versagel sales pearson if they select that product line and the White Mineral Oil Team if someone selects that when requesting a sample.

Conditional logic Sample Request form allows for one form to be emailed to different people depending on the choices made

Marketing brochures open in new windows and the tables are mobile friendly