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March 7, 2019
Penreco portfolio
December 28, 2019

Ready -To-Use Trufuel

is precision-engineered with proprietary lubricants and advanced stabilizers to provide maximum protection to your 2-cycle engines. TruFuel 50:1 mix is designed to work with outdoor power equipment that requires a 50:1 gas to oil ratio.

TruFuel 2-cycle fuel is ethanol-free and formulated for hotter-running, higher-revving small engines. That means your 2-cycle equipment will run smoother and stronger with fewer false starts. Don't take chances. For premium performance and protection, choose TruFuel.

„Empower your Equipment”

Assumed a managerial role for TruFuel.

When diving into the TruFuel website for the first time I was pleased to discover that it was built with WordPress CMS and had been taken care of recently. TruFuel didn't need an overhaul or design change so my work on this website was mostly geared towards site maintenance and page updates. I moved it to a more secure server that was optimized for the WordPress. For three years I managed the TruFuel website and kept it running smoothly.