Wawasee Navy Seal Foundation

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June 28, 2010
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March 15, 2016

Helping the families of fallen soldiers.

The mission of the wnsf is to educate and inform people about the navy seal military organization, and to support navy seal members active and retired.

Patriot Day - july 14 to honor country, flag, and our military men and women in uniform. Main event is the performance by the elite frog parachute team. The elite frog parachute team is comprised entirely of u. S. Navy seals. In the sea, air and land the U. S. Navy seal teams are the most feared and respected commando force in the arsenal of the u. S. Military, maybe in the world. Team members are made up of active duty and retired navy seals. All have had a minimum of five years experience with the navys parachute demonstration team the leap frogs. Several have logged over 10,000 jumps including day, night, combat, and water parachute jumps and are combat veterans of multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan.

patriot day 2014 was a great success, and the wawasee navy seal foundation was able to present a check for 5,000 to the navy seal foundation charity.


The website was designed to be viewed as easily on mobile or a desktop

Sadly the website has been taken down and I didn't get pictures of it before it was closed. If you want to donate to a military cause you can look here at The Navy Seal Foundation.org


Elite Frogs Parachute Team Demo Jump 2012 at Lake Wawasee, Johnson's Bay. This was a fundraiser for the Wawasee Navy Seals Foundation.

Besides the posters and website I also did post production on some of the videos of the Seals Demo Jumps.