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November 28, 2016
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July 20, 2015

Single recipes for single people.

Spending time in the kitchen should not feel like a chore, I think many people feel that way. Maybe it was a bad recipe or lack of knowledge that turned you away from cooking. Perhaps you feel it takes too long and you have more important things to do. Either way. my recipes are easy to follow and quickly ready to serve.. You will meet with success, while enjoying you’re time cooking!

>BLAT Deviled Eggs are develd eggs topped with bacon, micro greens, avocado, and tomatoes

„Spreading the love of cooking since 1996”

The reasons behind the website.

Because website design and the tools are always changing, The Single Gourmand, (TSG), started this website back in 2002 as a way to expand and practice website design and photography. His love of cooking (and eating) guided him towards building a food blog site. Another driving force was wanting to help friends who were afraid of cooking by designing easier versions of recipes than what you could normally find on the internet. Besides being easier, the recipes were also scaled down so singles and couples can make enough for themselves and not have to eat tons of leftovers for the next week.


Expanding my understanding about photography.

Much of the information on the website is active content, besides the news section there are other parts of the site that need updating pretty frequently. The careers page is pulling content straight from the HR department & Ceridian when they are posted internally, when HR was updating the website manually they would often bring the website or the carres page down especially when HR hired someone new to do this.

The Customer Tools page needs updates weekly for the information about the fuel surcharge for truck shipments. By writing some simple code that updates the weekly information this page is always up-to-date and no one needs to mess with it.It actually gets all the information from the U.S. Energy Information website.


The website was designed to be viewed as easily on mobile or a desktop


Cookbook reviews.

>Cookbook reviews really taught a lot about how to write a recipe.