UPN Indiana

September 8, 2006
Red Bubble
March 10, 2008

UPN Indiana

The station adopted the "UPN Indiana" branding in September 2003, dropping on-air references to its channel 23 allocation; this was done partly due to the fact that most cable providers in the Indianapolis market carry WNDY on channel 10. A few weeks before the start of the 2003-04 television season, WNDY began displaying a countdown of days until it rebranded as "UPN Indy". It was reported that the "UPN Indy" moniker was ditched in favor of "UPN Indiana" at the last minute to appeal to the larger audience across the state rather than just those living in the Indianapolis area, along with the fact that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway had stopped allowing the station to use the trademarked word "Indy". On February 10, 2005, Paramount sold WNDY and Columbus sister station WWHO to the LIN TV Corporation, owners of then-CBS affiliate WISH-TV (channel 8) and 24-hour weather service WIIH-CA (channel 17, now a fill-in translator for WISH), for $85 million; the station rebranded as "WNDY UPN 23" that July.

„UPN 23 We Love It!.”

On-air graphics

I created all the on-air and off air graphics and videos for the station. Everything that wasn't sent from the UPN network. I made the graphics for our own shows like Big Dumb Movie, Steel Horse and our show about the Colts--the Horseshoe Huddle hosted by Jimmy “Mad Dog” Matis. Also designed interstitials, PSAs, and community calendars.

A handful of UPN Indiana interstitials made for promoting shows. Mostly done in After Effects but did use some Maya and Lightwave for the 3D animations.

Big Dumb Movie opener that was hosted by A couple X 103 DJs and in this case, Rupert from survivor. A lot of early greenscreen and after effects used in this.

Horseshoe Huddle opener used a combination of After Effects and Lightwave.

Steal Horse opener and other design elements from the show

New endpage animation that was perhaps to ambitious for the tools we had. It definitely proves the old design proverb--just that you can do it does not mean you should!

Elements to building the above endpage. 


POPs and promotional items

The other aspect to this position was working closely with the sales team to make up promotional printed items like brochures, POPs for giveaways, and partner related marketing materials.

I designed these motorcycle kickplates for our local show Steel Horse.