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November 28, 2016
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December 11, 2017

The Most Trusted Name in the Industry

The ORCHEX® family of agricultural spray oils serve as a proven and safe weapon in combating a broad range of insects, diseases, and weeds that impact crop production and profitability.

U.S. EPA-registered, ORCHEX® agricultural spray oils are approved for use on a wide variety of applications including tree crops, nut crops, row crops, ornamental and shade trees. In inert or spray applications, the unique advantages offered by ORCHEX® spray oils multiply the effectiveness of active components – meaning you get the protection you need without harming the environment.


Orchex needed a complete website rebuild.

Like many of our website projects clients come to us after years of neglect with their website. Orchex was a standard example of this. This is a small website and the audience is mostly farmers who mix their own pesticide sprays. The design was simple and to the point. Orchex also does international business mostly in Mexico. We switched out the host, server, and CMS so everything runs faster with no down time and the security is much better than before.


Mobile Friendly website

The old website design did not work well on mobile devices so we built the site to have column and line breaks to match the width of the screen you are viewing the website on. That means you only have to scroll straight down to view and read the website and you don't have to scroll left and right like outdated websites.